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Artisha R. Polk

Northeast Region Vice President

Greetings, FAMUly!


It is my pleasure and a great honor to serve you as Vice President of the historic Northeast Region. I am very excited to lead this region in the FAMU National Alumni Association, Inc. (FAMU NAA)!


The Northeast Region is the first established region within the FAMU NAA. We were instituted in June 1964 by our founders, Dr. Leonard W. Johnson, Mr. Samuel R. Thompson, and Mr. William Generette. We attribute our rich heritage to these visionary leaders.


“In order to appreciate the Northeast Region of the Florida A&M University National Alumni Association, one must know its history. It was founded out of a fervency and zeal to maintain FAMU as an autonomous university in the educational system in the state of Florida. Amid the rumors of a merger and of phasing out FAMU, its founders felt an urgent need for out-of-state leadership to bring alumni together to form chapters, to encourage individual giving to the university and to gain legislative support to achieve this goal when necessary.”


                                                                        May 2014

                                                                        The late Dr. Willie L. Bryant

                                                                        Northeast Regional Vice President (2003 – 2009)


Since the establishment of the Northeast, other regions have formed. And, the Northeast Region maintains its standing as being a trailblazer within the NAA.

Northeast Region States

Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia


Today, we continue to “gather ‘round thy noble shrine.” We need your help to further the mission and goals of our alma mater. Let’s recommit ourselves to FAMU by joining the alumni association.


Get involved. Give your time; give your talents; give your resources. I challenge each person to volunteer just two hours to the FAMU NAA over the next year. Offer your skills for the betterment of our University. Give money to FAMU to help her provide our current students with a top-notch, high quality educational experience.


If you live in one of the Northeast Region states listed above, we’d love to hear from you.


Let us build on our strengths and be a positive influence with the national alumni association for the advancement of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. When we work together, we can protect and uphold FAMU today, FAMU forever!


Contact us via email               nersec.famunaa@gmail.com

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Always Striking,




Artisha R. Polk

Vice President, Northeast Region

FAMU National Alumni Association, Inc.